Haven Living

Haven Living aims to provide high-quality housing at a scale that offers tenure security, encourages community and has a positive effect on neighbourhoods. 

Our strategy

Haven Living will invest in modern housing assets that will provide long-term options for a new generation of rental home occupants.

New Zealand’s residential rental market largely remains a cottage industry.


Our goal is to change this to a professional model, providing life-term rental solutions.

Our purpose

We aim to
enable liveability.

Haven Living intends to be a disruptor in the residential home rental market, creating a customer centric approach to providing rental homes.

Haven Living will focus on enabling a high standard of livability, 
providing positive economic and social outcomes.

We believe that providing improved living standards for customers will in turn encourage long-term occupancy for our homes.

Investment targets

Haven Living will invest in properties fitting a defined set of criteria, designed to meet customer needs and mitigate risk. 

Haven Living investment considerations:



• Community and amenity

• Public transport links

• Local employment opportunities

• Schools

• Neighbourhood demographics


Asset Risk

• Strong capital growth performance

• Low cost to maintain


Income Risk

• High rentability

Housing Targets.jpg

Customer experience

We believe it’s time for a change in attitude toward rental living. Haven Living will be differentiated in the market by its distinct customer-centricity.

Our point of view is that people occupying our properties will not be ‘tenants’, they will be customers and we will not be landlords, but rather service providers.

A brand that stands for liveability


We’re in the business of liveability. It’s important that our customers feel a true sense of home, a base from which to relate to the rest of the world, and a place that carries connotations of comfort, safety and belonging. In the New Zealand housing context, we associate home ownership with security. Haven Living stands for confidence and trust, which is tied in with a sense of permanence, continuity and of privacy and control.